International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement Update

The 2017 ISODP Congress is right around the corner and promises to be an inspirational, educational and invigorating meeting bringing together global experts to discuss and debate new innovations, evolving science and breakthrough results. Hosted in Geneva Switzerland, the hub of considerable international collaboration including the site of the World Health Organization, the Congress will showcase best practices from across Europe and the world. The Scientific Program Committee and Congress Board has designed an innovative program focused on the key issues facing organ donation today and in the future.

A wide range of topics will address donation as part of good end-of-life care, evolving methods and results in Donation after Circulatory Death, expanding living donation, economic aspects of donation and multiple other topics. Plenary sessions focusing on innovative concepts in pursuit of an unlimited supply of organs for transplant give a glimpse both at what is happening today and what will soon be reality.

We are excited that Dr. Alvin Roth, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Professor of Economics at Stanford University, will deliver a keynote address on the Economical Aspects of Paired Donation. Creating and sustaining living donation programs to maximize effectiveness and safety is an ongoing priority, with multiple presentations on current best practices in living donation.

ISODP has a strategic priority to deepen relationship with critical care communities as essential partners in organ donation program effectiveness. Plenary sessions will focus on organ donation as part of best practice in end of life care with international experts from the United Kingdom, United States and Spain. In addition, keynote speaker Dr. Sam Shemie, Canada, will address evolving concepts in Harmonizing Practices in the Determination of Death.

Other keynote speakers include Dr. Harald Ott, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School; and Dr. Philippe Morel, Geneva University Hospital (HUG).

We are also pleased to announce that World Organ Donor Day will be held in conjunction with the ISODP Congress with festivities and recognition on September 9th.

We look forward to welcoming our global colleagues in organ donation in September. There is still time to register. For more information go to