International Society of Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation Update

VCA continues in its growth period. Additional vascularized composite allografts reported include uterus transplantation, penile transplantation and pediatric limb transplantation.

In 2016, two international workshops took place. The inaugural International Workshop on VCA Histopathology was held in Durham, North Carolina. The workshop was developed to exchange scientific and clinical information and to support the interchange of matters surrounding VCA histopathology including the Banff scoring system. Physicians and investigators from eleven centers that have performed clinical VCA worldwide participated in the discussion around the topic “Grades and Stages of Rejection: Toward Clinical Correlation”.

The 2nd Chauvet Workshop was held in Paris, France. The workshop included attendees from centers from Europe, USA, Turkey, India, and Australia representing teams involved in upper extremity, face, and uterus transplantation. Topics highlighted in the discussion included the psychosocial assessment and management of these clinical applications. A summary of the discussions will be available at our ISVCA website soon.

The 13th Congress of the ISVCA will be held in Salzburg, Austria on October 26–27, 2017. Investigators and everyone interested in VCA from across the world will assemble to discuss and talk about the challenges and advances of Vascularized Composite Allotransplantation. Speakers will include leaders in VCA and other solid organ transplants, immunology, reconstructive surgery, rehabilitation and regenerative medicine, pathology, and ethics. The meeting will include plenary sessions and abstract presentations providing an overview of current developments and new perspectives. We will welcome you to Salzburg and look forward to your involvement and contributions to VCA. For more information please visit the meeting website at

Finally, don’t forget to vote to the election of the new board of the society. The ISVCA is privileged to benefit from work of professionals dedicated to the advancement of vascularized composite allotransplantation through service as Board or Council members, however the contribution and dedication of all members is indispensable for our future. The new Board and Council members will be announced at our upcoming ISVCA Congress in Salzburg.