Women in Transplantation: Pillars of Strategy

Women in Transplantation (WIT) has been very active this past year. During the WIT retreat in May, 2017, WIT decided to split its focus between two strategic Pillars which have specific goals. The first pillar, Advancing and Inspiring Women Transplant Professionals, aims to ensure equity in transplantation professional society leadership, promote more women speakers in international and national meetings, more monetary grants/awards going to women transplantation professionals, and lastly more women in the profession, connected to and supporting each other.

The second Pillar is Championing Issues of Sex and Gender in Transplantation. This Pillar aims to gain more money (sustainable funding) going to projects (data collection, research, education, etc.) to address issues of sex and gender in transplantation, designated sessions on issues of sex and gender at all major national and international transplant meetings, double the percentage of female organ transplant recipients (especially in countries with disparities), and lastly decrease disparities in the number of male and female living donors worldwide.

With the support of Novartis, WIT hosted a networking dinner in Los Angeles on January 25th during which attendees had the privilege of hearing Dr. Deborah Clegg of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center speak about the importance of acknowledging the role of sex in medicine. WIT is planning to host more local events featuring thought-provoking speakers.

WIT is having a full day Pre-Congress Workshop on Saturday, June 30th at TTS 2018 in Madrid. WIT is also well represented in the TTS 2018 Congress program. There is a WIT track Morning Symposia entitled, “Sex and Gender Research in Transplantation-Where Are We Now?” on July 2nd as well as a WIT State-Of-The-Art Session entitled “Why Does Sex Matter in Transplantation?” on July 3rd.