Young Members Committee: A Consistent Presence

The Young Members Committee (YMC) continues to grow with international representation at the trainee and junior faculty levels. Our mission focuses on promoting career development opportunities for our youngest members. This past year has been extremely productive as we have developed a consistent presence in the Tribune Pulse with a quarterly article focused on young member related topics, as well as, spearheading TTS sponsored webinars. The YMC has also connected individuals and institutions. The latest example is the sharing of information and development of critical transplant programs both at the University of Alabama at Birmingham and the University of Cape Town (see recent Pulse article featuring YMC members Dr. Locke and Professor Muller).

We have also been working hard to help make the upcoming 27th Congress of The Transplantation Society in Madrid, Spain, the best yet for young members. The YMC has developed several program proposals focused on career development both at the trainee and junior faculty levels. We will also be hosting another networking event, as the launch of our first ever networking event met with great success in Hong Kong at the 2016 congress. The event will feature knowledge and opinion leaders in the field and will be the perfect opportunity to identify potential mentors and interact with other outstanding young members of TTS. We hope to see you there!

We are excited to be a part of TTS and to continue to move the mission of TTS forward. The upcoming year will be filled with additional opportunities for young members to engage within TTS as we aim to develop a webinar series on career development for 2018-2019. Stay tuned for more great things coming from the YMC of the TTS.