International Xenotransplantation Association Update

These are exciting times for Xenotransplantation. IXA is looking forward to its 15th Biennial Congress in Munich, Germany on October 10-13, 2019. Conveniently located in the heart of Europe, Munich is combining the dignified splendor of an old Bavarian kingdom with the vitality of a modern high-tech location. You will experience the exciting spirit of a modern capital with all kinds of social events and encounter the natural beauty of lakes and mountains nearby.

The congress program will highlight recent breakthroughs in xenotransplantation research and their development towards clinical application. Specific sessions will cover regulatory and ethical issues of xenotransplantation from different perspectives. In addition, complementary approaches for the treatment of chronic organ failures, such as stem cell-based therapies and mechanical assist devices, and their potential use for specific patient cohorts will be discussed.

The Congress Co-chairs Eckhard Wolf and Bruno Reichart, and the Scientific Program Committee, are busy working on developing a very comprehensive and balanced program – stay tuned for updates coming soon!