Transplant Infectious Disease Update

The mission of TID is to promote research and education in the prevention, diagnosis, clinical consequences, and management of the infectious disease problems of the transplant recipient. In the last two decades, TID has organized meetings in several regions of the world, bringing updated information in the field of transplant infections, with programs that diligently include topics of regional interest.

In order to build collaborations with other interested organizations, we have recently held an exciting joint session with the International Society of Heart and Lung Transplantation (ISHLT) during the 2018 ISHLT conference in Nice, France. A similar one-day meeting is being planned for November 11, 2019, in Dubai UAE, one-day prior to the ISODP Congress being held on November 12-15, 2019. Members are welcome to suggest similar collaborations with other meetings.

Our journal, Transplant Infectious Disease, covers state-of-the-art clinical review articles, clinical investigation, reviews of experimental and translational research in transplant infectious disease, and novel case reports. Over the years, TID members have contributed significantly to the journal’s success, increasing the number of periodic submissions and the growth of Transplant Infectious Disease impact index.

Above all, we are proud to note that TID members are expert professionals in their field of activity in all regions, as shown by the recent publication "Recommendations for the Treatment of Endemic Diseases and Travel Medicine in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients and Donors: Latin America", which was proposed and developed by a team of experts, many of them active members of TID.

Join TID – TTS today and welcome to the vibrant field of transplant infections.