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2013 - ISODP 2013 Congress (Sydney)

Early Morning Workshop 2 on Determining the Potential for Organ Donation
22 November 2013  /  07:30 - 08:30

OPO Performance Improvement through Data Integrity: What is your "true" donor potential?

Presenter: Richard D. Hasz, Philadelphia, United States

Plenary Session II on Changing the Rules
22 November 2013  /  08:30 - 10:30

Organ Resuscitation: lung and heart - the future is now?

Presenter: Stig Steen, Lund, Sweden

Ex-Vivo Lung Perfusion: making bad good and good better

Presenter: Gregory I. Snell, Melbourne, Australia

Protocolized care of kidney donors

Presenter: Raghavan Murugan, Pittsburgh, United States

Ex Vivo Heart Resuscitation

Presenter: Peter S. Macdonald, Sydney, Australia

Concurrent Session 4 on The Potential for Organ Donation
22 November 2013  /  11:00 - 12:30

Organ Donation in the US

Presenter: Kevin J. O'Connor, Bellevue, United States

Audit and Performance in Europe

Presenter: Leo Roels, Linden, Belgium

Concurrent Session 5 on Education
22 November 2013  /  11:00 - 12:30

Educating the Professional Teams

Presenter: Marti Manyalich Vidal, Barcelona, Spain

Educating the Community

Presenter: Suzi Clark, Civic, Australia

Scotland:A Deceade of Schools Education

Presenter: Lesley Logan, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Concurrent Session 6 on Organ Allocation Models
22 November 2013  /  11:00 - 12:30

Organ Allocation in Europe: rigging the answers

Presenter: Axel Rahmel, Leiden, Netherlands

Organ Allocation in the USA: extended criteria donors

Presenter: Timothy L. Pruett, Minneapolis, United States

Organ Allocation in Australia: the good and the bad

Presenter: Josette M. Eris, Camperdown, Australia

Mini-Oral 1 on Donation
22 November 2013  /  13:30 - 15:00

Donation after cardiac death following withdrawal of veno-venous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation

Presenter: Brett Sampson, Adelaide, Australia

Extended Criteria Donors (ECD) - xpanding the boundaries for Donation after Cardiac Death

Presenter: Nicola Stitt, MELBOURNE, Australia

Paediatric donation after cardiac death The story of Max

Presenter: Anne-Maree Holmes, Nambour, Australia

A step forward to reduce organ shortage in Malaysia

Presenter: Farah Salwani Muda Ismail, Nilai, Malaysia

Postmortal Organ Donation in pediatric Patients - general Aspects and Single Center Experience

Presenter: Sivatharsiny Thavarajah, Essen, Germany

Is there a limit for expanding criteria of kidney donors? How far can we go?

Presenter: Piotr Domagala, Warsaw, Poland

The Islamic founding principles on organ transplantation and evolution of the collective scholarly Islamic opinion on the subject

Presenter: Ruhul Kuddus, Orem, United States



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