Derek Gray Distinguished Traveling Scholarship Award

Background: Professor Derek Gray, Professor of Experimental Surgery at the University of Oxford, has made many contributions to the experimental islet transplantation literature advancing our scientific knowledge thereby providing an important framework for refining the clinical procedure. He has continually provided a stimulating research environment for many young students and trainees and encouraged them to pursue academic research careers in transplantation. As a strong proponent of pursuing the goal of perfecting islet transplantation, he has also worked tirelessly to promote the mission of the International Pancreas and Islet Transplantation Association (IPITA). Professor Gray has served the Association in the past as Councilor, and most recently, as Secretary. In recognition of his many contributions to our society and the field of islet transplantation, the IPITA is proud to announce the establishment of the Derek Gray Distinguished Traveling Scholarship Award.

Objective: To establish a biennial award competition for a Derek Gray Distinguished Traveling Scholarship Award to be awarded by IPITA to a single research fellow based upon demonstrated research merit and future potential for both scholarly academic research and a commitment to the training of research scientists in the fields of islet and/or pancreas transplantation.

Purpose/Description: To provide financial support to travel to 2 or more (suggested maximum 4) institutions across the world in order to broaden the laboratory-based research experience of the scholar during his/her formative research training, and to provide an opportunity to learn from established laboratory investigators in the field(s) of islet and pancreas transplantation biology.

The award will be offered to one individual every 2 years (usually even numbered years to coincide with the “between meetings” year of the biennial IPITA meetings).

Amount: $10,000 paid in one installment to the Awardee’s institution. The funds are intended to support travel and living expenses incurred during the period of training at host institutions.

Applicant Eligibility: The Traveling Scholarship will be awarded to a research or post-doctoral fellow or trainee having a PhD, MD, or MD/PhD degrees who demonstrates scientific merit and future potential for academic research and mentorship of trainees in the fields of islet and/or pancreas transplantation. The applicant will be judged solely on merit.

An ideal candidate would be an individual who has not yet reached the level of Assistant Professor or an equivalent entry-level independent faculty position, and would be within 5 years of having received their advanced degree.

Applicants must hold trainee or regular IPITA membership.