Richard C. Lillehei Memorial Lecture

Richard C. Lillehei, pancreas transplant visionary

Lillehei A biennial award given to an outstanding clinician and/or scientist for their substantial contributions towards advancing the field of pancreas transplantation.

About the award: Richard C. Lillehei was part of a team of surgeons at the University of Minnesota whose vision and expertise led to performing the first successful pancreas transplant in humans in 1966. The Richard C. Lillehei Memorial Lecture Award is given biennially to a clinician and/or scientist who has made important and substantive advancements leading to improvements in the lives of patients receiving pancreas transplants. The inaugural Lillehei Lecture will be delivered at the 2011 IPITA congress in Prague and commemorates Dr. Lillehei’s outstanding achievement.

Every two years, between congresses, the IPITA Council accepts nominations for, and selects the Richard C. Lillehei Memorial Lecture award recipient.


2015: Hans Sollinger, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA

2013: Jean-Michel Dubernard, Hôpital Edouard Herriot, Lyon, France

2011: David R. Sutherland, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA