The IPITA YIC was formed in 2014 to encourage the active engagement of trainee members and facilitate interactions between trainee and senior members to advance research and activities in the field of islet and whole pancreas research.


  1. Create a forum for young investigators and faculty to interact and provide opportunities for professional development.
  2. Increase young investigators awareness of research trends and application of new technologies to more swiftly meet our research agenda.
  3. Develop scientific and social programs for the IPITA biennial congresses.
  4. Initiate activities that engage young investigators and senior members in open dialogue and collaborative activities.

Young Investigator Committee

The Members of the Young Investigator Committee are:

  • Takayuki Anazawa
  • Sarah Cross
  • Leticia Labriola
  • Raphael Meier
  • Robert Redfield
  • Hanne Scholz
  • Christian Schuetz
  • Nathan Zammit

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The Committee is currently focused on developing and launching seven new initiatives. 


IPITA Chat is a new email discussion forum for all investigators, clinicians and scientists with an interest in islet and/or pancreas transplantation in clinical and experimental fields. By becoming an active member of the group, knowledge will be expanded for our all benefit. Young investigators as well as senior people in the field are encouraged to participate, either by asking questions or contributing to the discussion.

We hope that IPITA Chat will develop into a lively and educational forum for all.

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