IPITA Young Investigator Committee (YIC) Bulletin 2019

With the end of a great summer (for those in the northern hemisphere!) the IPITA-YIC reflects on the past-congress. Here we will summarise the highlights of the congress and present your feedback from the entrance survey. We thank everyone for attending the young investigator run events and making them interactive and enjoyable.

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To encourage the active engagement of trainee members and facilitate interactions between trainee and senior members to advance clinical and basic research and activities in the field of islet and pancreas transplantation.

Young Investigator Committee

The Members of the Young Investigator Committee are:

  • Sarah Cross
  • Hussein A.Khambalia
  • Leticia Labriola
  • Raphael P. H. Meier
  • Adriana Migliorini
  • Robert Redfield
  • Hanne Scholz
  • Christian Schuetz
  • Anja Steffen
  • Masaaki Watanabe
  • Nathan Zammit

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Goals and Objectives

  1. Engage with young investigators and faculty and provide opportunities for professional development.
  2. Create a forum for new research trends and technology emanating from young investigators and pitch curated ideas and concepts to the council to more swiftly meet our research agenda.
  3. Expand scientific and social programs for the IPITA biennial congresses.
  4. Scientific exchange between young and senior investigators to exchange and preserve knowledge and to foster collaborations.


The Committee is currently focused on developing and launching seven new initiatives. 


IPITA Chat is a new email discussion forum for all investigators, clinicians and scientists with an interest in islet and/or pancreas transplantation in clinical and experimental fields. By becoming an active member of the group, knowledge will be expanded for our all benefit. Young investigators as well as senior people in the field are encouraged to participate, either by asking questions or contributing to the discussion.

We hope that IPITA Chat will develop into a lively and educational forum for all.

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The IPITA YIC was formed in 2014 to encourage the active engagement of trainee members and facilitate interactions between trainee and senior members to advance research and activities in the field of islet and whole pancreas research.

Deliverable Projects

  1. Maintain a tailored program appealing to young investigators during the IPITA biennial Congress.
  2. Maintain a young investigator networking event/reception or social event at IPITA Congresses.
  3. Develop a webinar on professional development/leadership skills.
  4. Build a database of resources for grants, scholarships, courses and training opportunities for trainees in the field.
  5. Maintain and improve the IPITA social media presence.
  6. Provide mentorship to Young Investigators/Graduate students and create lasting mentor – mentee relationships (matching by research interests). Improve provision of resources for the mentee/mentor to enable and incentivize their role in enabling the next generation of researchers.7. Serve as a sounding board for young investigator IPITA members and represent their interests to the Council. Facilitate communications platforms for the Council and IPITA Members.
  7. Interaction with funding and regulatory agencies to discuss funding priorities for the development of the next generation of beta cell replacement therapies. Encourage funding agencies to feed RFAs and grant info into database (see 4).
  8. Organize virtual Journal Clubs – via social media and moderated by first authors/Young Investigators.
  9. Patient outreach and education at local institutions and during IPITA Congresses – improve knowledge and understanding, whilst ensuring realistic expectations about current and emerging therapies. Fundraising.
  10. Job postings for fellows, junior faculty, graduate students and staff via social media.