In Memoriam: Gian Franco Bottazzo (1946-2017)


Professor Gian Franco Bottazzo

Awards include:

The Alberto Trisotto International Prize (1978), the Oskar Minkowski Award of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes (1982), the Mary Jane Kugel Award of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation - USA (1984), the RD Award Lawrence of the British Association for the Study of Diabetes (1985), the Diaz Cristobal International Award for the Diabetes Study (1985), the King Feisal International Medicine Award (1986), the Mack-Forster Prize Clinical Research of the European Society of Clinical Research (1987), David Rumbrough Scientific Award of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation - USA (1987), Francis DW Lukens Medal of the American Association for Diabetes Study, Philadelphia Section (1988), Harington-de Visscher Award from the European Association for Thyroid Study (1988), Gunnar Birke Medal of the Swedish Society of Internal Medicine (1989) and Medal at the Banting Memory of the American Association for the Study of Diabetes (1992).

It is with sadness that IPITA informs you that Gian Franco Bottazzo passed away after a short illness on September 15th in Venice, Italy.  He was 71 and is survived by his wife Lamya and his daughter Dana. Professor Bottazzo was a pioneer in type 1 diabetes research. Over the past several decades, Professor Bottazzo has carried out extensive research on autoimmune diseases, particularly diabetes. In a landmark paper published in 1974 Professor Bottazzo and his colleagues showed that type I diabetes was associated with the development of antibodies directed against the insulin-producing cells; then he went on to demonstrate their predictive value, paving the way to future studies on pathogenesis and natural history of the disease. This pioneering discovery has opened the way to a flood of investigations in the study of autoimmunity as a basic cause of failure, not only of the islet cells of the pancreas leading to type I diabetes mellitus, but also the loss of other endocrine-producing cells such as those in the thyroid and pituitary glands. Professor Bottazzo was a father figure of the diabetes research community. He was innovative, creative, controversial, and brought life and debate to scientific meetings. We have lost a leader and mentor for many diabetes researchers, and a part of our history.

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Speaker: Matthew Cooper


Despite a clear demonstration of the benefits of solid-organ pancreas transplantation for patients with diabetes mellitus, volumes continue to decrease throughout the US. Improvements in quality of life and the ability to abrogate the complications of dysregulated glucose control has now allowed the procedure to be offered to many with Type 2 DM. Indications and patient selection, however, are critical both to individual outcomes and to further advance national support of pancreas transplantation for all. This webinar will share both published data and personal experience on program resources and patient demographics that remain important in the evaluation and transplantation of patients with Type 2 DM.

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