IPTA Education Committee

Function: The Education Committee is responsible for expanding the Society's educational activities. Committee members are responsible for organizing the IPTA Congress Post Graduate Course and planning pediatric symposia at other meetings. They also make recommendations about the educational needs of the Society members.

Chair Rohit Kohli, Los Angeles, USA
Incoming Chair Katherine Twombley, Charleston, USA
Member Sharon Bartosh, Madison, USA
Member Christian Benden, Zurich, Switzerland
Member David Briscoe, Boston, USA
Member Blanche Chavers, Minneapolis, USA
Member Andre Dick, Seattle, USA
Member Evelyn Hsu, Seattle, USA
Member Adam Putschoegl, Rochester, USA
Member Janet Scheel, Washington, USA
Council Liaison Lars Pape, Hannover, Germany

2017-2019 Initiatives

  1. Committee Input to Meetings- The Committee contributed program recommendations for the Madrid TTS 2018 PG Course, IPTA 2018 Fellows meeting and the IPTA 2019 Congress Post-graduate course.
  2. Contribute to the IPTA quarterly Newsletter
  3. Develop “Fellows Corner” for Fellows/Junior Faculty