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nKOL - USA July 2009

TTS New Key Opinion Leader Meeting
Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA - July 16-19, 2009
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B-Cells and Antibodies in Transplantation
Chair: Gabriel Danovitch, CA, USA

1.1 Antibody-Endothelial Interactions in Positive Crossmatch Kidney Transplantation
KOL James Gloor, Mayo Clinic, MN, US
nKOL Dr. Patrick Dean, MN, USA

1.2 ABO-Mismatched Heart Transplantation
KOL Lori J. West, University of Alberta, AB, Canada
nKOL Dr. Mylvaganam Jeyakanthan, AB, Canada

1.3 Challenges in the Development of ABO Incompatible Transplant Programs
KOL Elaine Reed, University of California in Los Angeles, CA, USA
nKOL Dr. Gerry Lipshutz, CA, USA

1.4 T-B Cell Interactions in Alloantibody Responses and Tolerance
Anita Chong, The University of Chicago, IL, USA
nKOL Dr. Roger Sciammas, IL, USA

Mechanisms of Rejection and Immunotherapy
David H. Sachs, MA, USA and Maggie Dallman, United Kingdom

2.1 The New Face of Immunosuppression?
KOL Flavio Vincenti, University of California in San Francisco, CA, USA
nKOL Dr. Suphamai Bunnapradist, UCLA Kidney Transplant, CA, USA

2.2 A New Look at the Role of the Direct and Indirect Pathways in Rejection: implications for immunosuppression and tolerance
KOL Nancy Ascher, University of California in San Francisco, CA, USA
nKOL Dr. Sang-Mo Kang, CA, USA

2.3 Optimizing Tregs for Human Immunotherapy
KOL Paul Keown, The University of British Columbia, BC, Canada
nKOL Dr. Megan Levings, BC, Canada

2.4 Pushing the Envelope of Incompatible Transplantation
KOL Stanley Jordan, Cedar-Sinai Medical Center, CA, USA
nKOL Dr. Ashley Vo, CA, USA

Assessing and Improving Organ Quality
Stefan G. Tullius, MA, USA and Francis L. Delmonico, MA, USA

3.1 New Approaches to Improving Organ Quality
Stefan G. Tullius, Brigham and Women's Hospital, MA, USA
nKOL   Dr. Xupeng Ge, MA, USA

3.2 Pushing the Envelope in Transplant Diagnostics
KOL Daniel Salomon, The Scripps Research Institute, CA, USA
nKOL Dr. Sunil Kurian, CA, USA

3.3 Role of CO in Improving Organ Quality
KOL Douglas W. Hanto, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, MA, USA
nKOL Dr. Leo Otterbein, MA, USA

3.4 Donor Management Goals (DMG) – A Step Forward in Deceased Donor Management?
KOL Tom Mone, One Legacy, CA, USA
nKOL Dr. Darren Malinoski, UC Irvine Medical Center, CA, USA

Mechanisms of Tolerance
Megan Sykes, MA, USA and Anita Chong, IL, USA

4.1 Mechanisms of T-Cell Tolerance Following BMT with Anti-CD154
KOL Megan Sykes, Massachusetts General Hospital, MA, USA
nKOL Dr. Josef Kurtz, MA, USA

4.2 Immunobiology of Fgl2
KOL Gary Levy, Toronto General Hospital, University of Toronto, ON, Canada
nKOL Dr. Agata Bartczak, ON, Canada

4.3 Notch Signaling in the Peripheral Immune System
KOL Maggie Dallman, Imperial College London, United Kingdom
nKOL Dr. Madeleine Gentle, United Kingdom

Lori J. West, AB, Canada and Yair Reisner, Israel

5.1 Encapsulated Pig Islet Transplants in Non-Human Primates
KOL Megan Sykes (Slide presentation prepared by Pierre Gianello)
nKOL Dr. Denis Dufrane, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium

5.2 Tolerance Induction in Pig-to-Primate Transplantation
KOL David H. Sachs, Massachusetts General Hospital, MA, USA
nKOL Dr. Kazuhiko Yamada, Transplantation Biology Research Center, MA, USA

5.3 Fetal Pig Grafts
KOL Yair Reisner, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
nKOL Dr. Chava Rosen, Israel

Living Donor Exchange
Alan Leichtman, MI, USA and Miran Epstein, UK

6.1 Living Donor Exchange: optimization and application

nKOL Dr. Dorry L. Segev, MD, USA

6.2 Challenges in the Development of Living Donor Exchange Programs
KOL Gabriel Danovitch, University of California in Los Angeles, CA, USA
nKOL Dr. Jeffrey Veale, CA, USA

6.3 Market Design and Kidney Exchange
KOL Alvin E. Roth, Harvard Business School, MA, USA
nKOL Dr. Michael Rees, University of Toledo Medical Center, OH, USA

6.4 Improving Rates of Living Donation among Minority Population
KOL Laura A. Siminoff, Virginia Commonwealth University, VA, USA
nKOL Dr. Heather Marshall Traino, VA, USA

Organ Allocation and Distribution
Laura A. Siminoff, VA, USA and Alvin E. Roth, MA, USA

KOL Alan Leichtman, University of Michigan, MI, USA
nKOL Dr. Silas P. Norman, MI, USA

7.2 Donor Risk Index
KOL Peter G. Stock, University of California in San Francisco, CA, USA
nKOL Dr. Albin Gritsch, University of California in Los Angeles, CA, USA

7.3 Kidney Allocation for Children
KOL Ruth McDonald, Seattle Children’s Hospital, WA, USA
nKOL Dr. Jodi Smith, WA, USA

7.4 Ethical Challenges in Organ Allocation – A view from across the Atlantic
KOL Gabriel Danovitch, University of California in Los Angeles, CA, USA
nKOL Dr. Miran Epstein, Barts & The London School of Medicine, UK
Kidney Allocation for Children