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nKOL - Brazil 2009

TTS New Key Opinion Leader Meeting
Salvador, Brazil – May 7-10, 2009
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Pioneer in Transplantation
Dr. Silvano Mário Attilio Raia, São Paulo, Brazil

Cellular Therapy
Mario Abbud-Filho, Brazil and Francis L. Delmonico, USA

1.1 Cell Therapy: islet transplantation
KOL Irene Noronha, University of São Paulo, Brazil
nKOL Dr. Adriana Silva, Brazil

1.2 Stem Cell and Biomaterials in Kidney Repair
KOL Mario Abbud-Filho, Instituto de Urologia & Nefrologia and Medical School,
Sao José do Rio Preto, Brazil
nKOL Dr. Heloisa Caldas, Brazil

1.3 Attempting Tolerance in Clinical Islet Transplantation by Alemtuzumab Induction and Hematopoietic Stem Cell Co-Infusion
Francis L. Delmonico, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA
Dr. Davide Mineo, Diabetes Research Institute, University of Miami, USA

Organ Donation and Allocation
Eduardo A. Santiago-Delpín, Puerto Rico and Valter Garcia, Brazil

2.1 Kidney Allocation and Transplantation in Uruguay
KOL Irma Inés Álvarez, National Institute of Donation and Transplantation of Cells Tissues and Organs (INDT), Uruguay
nKOL Dr. Milka Bengochea, Uruguay

2.2 Kidney Transplantation in Puerto Rico
Eduardo A. Santiago-Delpín, Auxilio Mutuo Transplant Program, Puerto Rico
nKOL Dr. Ferdinand Rivera, Puerto Rico
Clinical Issues in Transplantation
Adrian Gadano, Argentina and Noedir Stolf, Brazil

3.1 Solid Organ Transplantation in HIV-Positive Patients
KOL Adrian Carlos Gadano, Hospital Italiano, Liver Unit, Argentina
nKOL Dr. Laura Barcán, Argentina

3.2 Chagas-Positive Donors and Recipients (Kidney)
Rubén O. Schiavelli, Argerich Hospital, Argentina
nKOL Dr. Elena Isabel Maiolo, Argentina

3.3 Heart Transplantation in Chagas-Positive Recipients
KOL Noedir Stolf, Heart Institute, University of São Paulo, Brazil
nKOL Dr. Ronaldo Honorato B. Santos, Brazil

3.4 Evaluation and Treatment of Post-transplant Recurrence of Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis
KOL Viola Pinto, Hospital Exequiel Gonzalez Cortes, Chile
nKOL Dr. Paulina Salas, Chile

Ethics in Transplantation: where do we stand in Latin America?
Francis L. Delmonico, USA and José Pestana, Brazil

4.1 Generics in Transplantation
KOL Eduardo U. Tanús, Argentina Society of Transplantation, Argentina
nKOL Dr. Ignacio Maglio, Hospital Francisco Javier Muñiz, Argentina

4.2 Ethics and Organ Commerce in Latin America
Valter Garcia, Complexo Hospitalar Santa Casa de Porto Alegre, Brazil
nKOL Dr. Elizete Keitel, Brazil

4.3 Ethics in Kidney Living Donation
KOL José Pestana, Hospital do Rim e Hipertensão Fundaçã Oswaldo Ramos (UNIFESP), São Paulo, Brazil
nKOL Dr. Tainá Freitas, Brazil

Acute and Antibody Mediated Rejection: diagnosis and treatment
Denis Glotz, France and Benita Padilla, Philippines

5.1 Antibody Mediated Rejection: incidences and impact on Long-Term Allograft Outcomes
KOL Maria Cristina Castro, São Paulo University, Brazil

5.2 Treatment Strategies of AMR
KOL Denis Glotz, Hôpital Saint-Louis, France
nKOL Dr. Carmen Lefaucheur, France

5.3 Kidney Vendors in the Philippines
KOL Benita Padilla, National Kidney and Transplant Institute, Philippines
nKOL Dr. Roberto Tanchanco, Ateneo School of Medicine & Public Health, Philippines

Immunosuppression: can we really individualize it?
Eduardo A. Santiago-Delpín, Puerto Rico and Federico G. Villamil, Argentina

6.1 Proteinuria in Renal Allograft Recipients
KOL Carlos Diaz, Centro de Educación Médica e Investigaciones Clínicas, Argentina
nKOL Dr. Gervasio Soler Pujol, Argentina

6.2 Tumor Progression and Immunosuppressive Therapy
KOL Henry Campos, Federal University of Ceará, Fortaleza, Brazil
nKOL Dr. Paula Fernandes, Brazil

6.3 Antifibrogenic Effects of Everolimus in HCV Recurrence
Federico G. Villamil, Liver Unit Fundacion Favaloro, Argentina
nKOL Dr. Silvina E. Yantorno, Argentina

Basic Science in Transplantation: from bench to bed side
Valeria Mas, USA and Gabriel Gondolesi, Argentina

7.1 Genomics to Predict Severity of HCV Recurrence after OLT
Valeria Mas, Virginia Commonwealth University, USA
nKOL Dr. Amiee Potter, USA

7.2 New Insights into Intestinal Transplant Immunobiology: analyses of lymphoid structures and graft draining lymphocytes
Gabriel E. Gondolesi, Fundación Favaloro, Argentina
nKOL Dr. Dominik Meier, Argentina

7.3 Lipid Metabolism in Experimental Kidney Transplantation
KOL Jorge Clemente Raimondi, Laboratorio-Programa de Trasplante de Órganos y Tejidos (FCM-UNLP), Argentina
nKOL Dr. Natalia Lausada, Argentina

7.4 The Liver's Ability to Resist Rejection: mechanistic insights and Clinical applications
KOL Alex Bishop, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Australia
nKOL Dr Alexandra Sharland, Australia

Liver Allocation by MELD (Model for End-Sage Liver Disease)
Federico G. Villamil, Argentina and Richard B. Freeman, USA

8.1 MELD and Factor V
Federico G. Villamil, Liver Unit Fundacion Favaloro, Argentina
nKOL Andres E. Ruf, Argentina

8.2 Modified PELD in Brazil
KOL Eduardo Carone, Hospital Sirio Libanes, São Paulo, Brazil
nKOL Dr. Joao Seda Neto, Brazil

8.3 MELD in Brazil
KOL Cláudio Augusto Marroni, Universidade de Ciências da Saude, Porto Alegre, Brazil
nKOL Dr. Alfeu Fleck Jr., Complexo Hospitalar Santa Casa de Porto Alegre, Brazil

8.4 MELD: How we got here - where are we going?
KOL Richard B. Freeman, Tufts Medical Center, USA
nKOL Dr. Kenneth Washburn, University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio, USA