Allied Health Committee Update

Debra LefkowitzDebra Lefkowitz, AHP Interim Committee Chair

The Allied Health Committee is excited to announce our new members.  First, joining us a Co-Chairs elect are Louise Bannister from Toronto, ON, CA and Beverly Kosmach-Park from Pittsburgh, PA, USA.  They will take over as co-chairs at the Congress in May, and we are excited for their enthusiasm to lead this Committee moving forward.  Other new Committee members include Christine Divens (Clinical Nurse Specialist, Pittsburgh, PA, USA), Barbara Roessner (Physician Assistant, Omaha, NE, USA), Luca Dello Strologo, (Nephrologist, Rome, Italy), Laura O’Melia (Nurse Practitioner, Boston, MA, USA) and Karyn Sanson (Nurse Specialist, Auckland, NZ).  This group joins our continuing members Debra Lefkowitz (Psychologist, Philadelphia, PA, USA; outgoing Chair and current IPTA Councilor), Dawn Freiberger (Nurse Coordinator, Boston, MA, USA), Jo Wray (Psychologist, London, UK), Diana Shellmer (Psychologist, Pittsburgh, PA, USA).

The AHP Committee is currently examining some new initiatives.  Our first project is to survey our membership to gain a better understanding of group interests, project ideas, and preferred communication methods.  We’ve seen tremendous enthusiasm from our Allied Health colleagues at prior Congresses, and want to figure out how to better harness this energy and foster international connections between this very diverse group of people.  Other proposed projects include additional monographs for Pediatric Transplantation as well as position papers and best practice guidelines.