IPTA Education Committee

2017-2019 Initiatives

The Education committee has already participated in the IPTA review of the UNOS parent material and is in the process of a survey related to the Postgraduate Course of the IPTA 9th Congress in order to inform further course development. The Education committee will be developing the curriculum for the IPTA Fellows meeting in November 2018 and the renamed postgraduate course “Foundations in Transplantation” for the IPTA 10th Congress in Vancouver in 2019. Other exciting initiatives will be forthcoming this Fall.

Chair Rohit Kohli, Los Angeles, USA
Member Sharon Bartosh, Madison, USA
Member Christian Benden, Zurich, Switzerland
Member David Briscoe, Boston, USA
Member Blanche Chavers, Minneapolis, USA
Member Andre Dick, Seattle, USA
Member Evelyn Hsu, Seattle, USA
Member Adam Putschoegl, Rochester, USA
Member Janet Scheel, Washington, USA
Member Katherine Twombley, Charleston, USA
Council Liaison Lars Pape, Hannover, Germany