IPTA Ethics Committee

2017-2019 Initiatives

The Ethics committee is the newest IPTA committee that has been formed to address the increasing ethical awareness in pediatric solid organ transplantation. As they develop their initiatives as a new committee, the group plans to raise awareness and educate by contributing cases to the IPTA newsletter (see this issue of the newsletter for their first contribution). In addition, to build upon a recent TTS initiative, they will be editing the recent TTS Ethics Survey for pediatrics with a goal to circulate it in early 2018 and to use the information gathered as a foundation for further initiatives moving forward.

Chair Richard Trompeter, London, UK
Member Michael Freeman, Pennsylvania, USA
Member Aviva Goldberg, Winnipeg, Canada
Member Rebecca Greenberg, Toronto, Canada
Member Deidre Kelly, Birmingham, UK
Member Alan Langnas, Omaha, USA
Member Debra Lefkowitz, Philadelphia, USA
Member Mignon McCulloch, Cape Town, South Africa
Member Marilyn Moonan, Boston, USA
Member Glenda Moonsamy, Johannesburg, South Africa
Member Eytan Mor, Petah-Tikva, Israel
Member Ron Shapiro, New York, USA
Council Liaison Stephen Marks, London, UK