IPTA Infectious Disease Committee

2017-2019 Initiatives

The ID committee has a number of active initiatives involving assessing current practice and developing consensus recommendations for publication in Pediatric Transplantation including 1) evaluation and approach to the presence of active infection in the potential pediatric transplant recipient, 2) status of the use of live vaccines after pediatric solid organ transplantation, and 3) pneumocystis prophylaxis strategies, in addition to a yearly Influenza Update. The ID Committee is proposing to develop a commentary to the TTS CMV Guidelines (currently in progress) specific to the pediatric perspective. This would highlight changes to both the overall document as well as to the pediatric section and its recommendations. In addition, the Committee hopes that the proposed commentary could identify ongoing pediatric specific gaps in the data with a goal of hoping to target future. Looking ahead, the ID committee is exploring the development of PTLD practice recommendations potentially including diagnosis, management and prevention. These are just some of the exciting initiatives coming out of the ID committee.

Chair Michael Green, Pittsburgh, USA
Member Upton Allen, Toronto, Canada
Member Monica Ardura, Columbus, USA
Member Abanti Chaudhuri, Stanford, USA
Member Lara Danziger-Isakov, Cincinnati, USA
Member Elizabeth Goddard, Cape Town, South Africa
Member Britta Höcker, Heidelberg, Germany
Member Marian Michaels, Pittsburgh, USA
Member Dimitri Van Der Linden, Brussels, Belgium
Council Liaison Klara Posfay-Barbe, Geneva, Switzerland