IPTA Membership Committee

2017-2019 Initiatives

The Membership Committee will be exploring a new dues structure for IPTA which is long overdue. This will take into consideration many different factors including our diverse membership of an international nature, the need to foster collaboration at all levels of pediatric transplantation, the need to develop junior people to pursue pediatric transplantation, and administrative considerations including the transition to TTS as a section and the move to an online journal. The Membership committee with also be looking at how to enhance the value of IPTA membership, focusing on member renewal and retention, and recruitment of new members – especially junior members and allied health professionals.

Chair Katherine Twombley, Charleston, USA
Member Stephen Gray, Birmingham, USA
Member Nancy Halnon, Los Angeles, USA
Member Cozumel Pruette, Baltimore, USA
Member Rakesh Sindhi, Pittsburgh, USA
Council Liaison Stephen Alexander, Australia