IPTA Outreach Committee

2017-2019 Initiatives

The Outreach committee is in the process of revising its mission, purpose and the application guidelines, processes and procedures - all of which will be made available to the IPTA membership when completed and approved by the IPTA Council. The committee has recently reviewed the status of the past projects and will provide a summary for the IPTA newsletter this year in addition to putting information on the IPTA website. The recent projects in Sri Lanka and Cape Town are in the process of being reviewed. In 2018, the committee will spearhead a call for a new round of applications following consolidation of all of the abovementioned initiatives. Stay tuned for more information!

Chair Tom Blydt-Hansen, Vancouver, Canada
Member Dev Desai, Dallas, USA
Member Fiona Mackie, Sydney, Australia
Member Saeed Mohammed, Chicago, USA
Member Minnie Sarwal, California, USA
Member Jason Vanatta, Memphis, USA
Council Liaison George Mazariegos, Pittsburgh, USA