IPTA Publications and Communications Committee

2017-2019 Initiatives

The Publications committee is going to assume a central role in increasing the publications from IPTA members in Pediatric Transplantation using a number of different strategies. Some of these include iincreasing the number of publications coming from committee members, increasing the number of authors involved in IPTA-sponsored writing projects, expanding the scope of writing projects to include white papers and practice recommendations, and working with other IPTA committees on joint projects. The Publications committee plans to work on a Peer Mentoring program to help authors with backgrounds in languages other than English, to improve the quality of the language of their submissions. Finally, the Publications committee will take a leadership role in the quarterly IPTA newsletter, working with the other committees to provide content that is interesting and relevant to the IPTA membership.

Chair Jonathan Johnson, Rochester, USA
Chair Kenneth Brayman, Charlottesville, USA
Member Chesney Castleberry, Cincinnati, USA
Member Guido Filler, Canada
Member Ryan Fischer, Kansas City, USA
Member Richard Kirk, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Member Anette Melk, Hannover, Germany
Member Erika Pace, Birmingham, UK
Member Manuel Rodriguez-Davalos, New Haven, USA
Member Mariastella Serrano, New Orleans, USA
Council Liaison Stephen Marks, London, United Kingdom