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ISBTS 2013 - Allied Health Professionals Session

2013 - ISBTS 2013 Symposium (Oxford)

Allied Health Professionals: moving forward together in intestinal transplantation

26 June 2013  /  08:30 - 16:45
ITA Network
Presenter: Sara Clarke, , United Kingdom
Innovative sessions: Virtualising Follow Up for Intestinal Transplant
Presenter: Samantha Duncan, , United Kingdom
Innovatives sessions - The role of attachment in children with serious medical conditions: what parents and professionals need to know
Presenter: Jacqueline Blyth, , United Kingdom
Innovative sessions:
Presenter: Stephanie So, , Canada
Welcome from ITA President
Presenter: Kareem Abu-Elmagd, , United States
How do we Benchmark Success in Adults and Children? Moving to the future
Presenter: Beverly Kosmach-Park, , United States