IRTA Allied Health Professionals Committee

The purpose of the Allied Health Professionals Committee is to represent the various members of the transplant multidisciplinary team that includes nurses, dieticians, psychologists, administrators, social workers, physical therapists, pharmacists, and many others, who have a specific interest in intestinal failure and transplantation. They contribute to the advancement of knowledge in these areas through clinical practice, educational endeavors and research.

Goals and Objectives

  1. Promote and advance the role of Allied Health Professionals in the treatment and management of intestinal failure and transplantation.
  2. Development of educational resources to improve the treatment of intestinal failure for multidisciplinary teams.
  3. Identify opportunities to improve Allied Health professional practice in the field of intestinal failure and transplantation.

Current Initiatives

  1. Development and launch of ITA/AHP Outstanding Achievement Award to be given during the biannual ITA Symposium
  2. Targeted webinar series for Allied Health Professionals.
  3. Discussion forum for interesting cases and recent publications.
  4. Production of joint international resources and best practice guidelines.

Allied Health Professionals Committee

Chair: Beverly Kosmach-Park, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Carly Bambridge, Birmingham, UK
Christine Belza, Toronto, ON, Canada
Brooke Chapman, Melbourne, Australia
AnneMarie DeVoll-Zabrocki, Omaha, NE, USA
Erin Fennelly, Washington, DC, USA
Lindsay Hogg, Birmingham, UK
Lindy Meiser   
Stephanie So, Toronto, ON, Canada
Debra Sudan, Durham, NC, USA
Kitzah Williams, Durham, NC, USA