ITA President’s Message

Fellow ITA Members,

It is my pleasure to introduce the first ITA Newsletter. As many of you know, this was conceptualized several years ago. I am proud to inform you all that, thanks to the hard work of our ITA Council and the Education and Regulation Committee, this concept has now become a reality. Our goal with this Newsletter is to periodically keep the membership informed of ongoing projects within the Association and Council, as well as provide updates on information important to our community.

The ITA Council has been quite active since the 13th ISBTS in Oxford. We have had numerous conference calls and identified deliverable projects, which impact our Association, as well as several structural and organizational issues. First, we have revised the Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals of our Association to more closely align with our membership and activities; you are encouraged to review these on our website. Second, we have formed 4 committees with full Council participation. Each committee has set forth their own goals and initiatives. To move forward, we appointed a minimal number of committee members and then filled in the remainder after a membership-wide call for participation.

Lastly, we have been working on educational and scientific endeavors important to our membership.

Your Council has also been working on the planning of the 14th ISBTS in Buenos Aires, ARG. We have received three very strong bids for the 15th ISBTS and we will be announcing the 2017 meeting location in just a few weeks. 

Lastly, I would like to encourage the membership to stay in touch with your Association. Ensure that your contact information is correct with the Association; and help seek out new members from within your own programs. Please read and enjoy this first Newsletter and feel free to contact any of the leadership or the main office with new ideas or requests to participate.

Douglas Farmer, ITA President