VCA Sessions During the 2014 World Transplant Congress

The IHCTAS would like to highlight sessions related to VCA that took place during the World Transplant Congress in July in San Francisco. IHCTAS members who are also members of TTS can access these recordings for free as a benefit of your membership.

Below is a brief list of some sessions that covered topics related to VCA, the list is not considered a comprehensive list of all the sessions. To find additional sessions you can utilize the search feature in the educational library on

  1. Composite Tissue Allograft and Pancreas Pathology - Cinthia Drachenberg, Baltimore, USA
  2. Acute Allograft Rejection in VCA – Xin Xiao Zheng, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
  3. Chronic Allograft Rejection in VCA – Anthony Jake Demetris, Pittsburgh, USA
  4. Basic, Translational and Clinical Research in VCA: What are the Goals? – Rolf Barth, Baltimore, USA
  5. Short and Long Term Outcomes in VCA – L. Scott Levin, Philadelphia, USA
  6. Immunological Challenges in VCA – Emmanuel Morelon, Lyon, France
  7. Immunosuppression Regimens in VCA: Are They Different From Other Organ Transplants? Gerald Brandacher, Baltimore, USA