The Joint Meeting IPITA-IXA was held in Venice, Italy on October 12-18, 2009.  This conference represented a unique opportunity for over 600 scientists and clinicians from all over the world to reconvene and share knowledge on advancements acquired in the last 2 years in these specific fields.  In particular, as far as xenotransplantation is concerned, very promising data were presented, especially with regard to xenotransplantation of cells.  In this context, long-term survival of diabetic primates with normoglycemia has now been obtained reproducibly in several laboratories around the world.  This leads to the perception that successful clinical islet xenotransplantation may become a realistic therapeutic option in the not-too-distant future.  To this end, under the expert guidance of Dr. Bernhard Hering, the IXA has assembled a Consensus Statement on "Conditions for undertaking clinical trials of porcine islet products in Type 1 diabetes" that was released in Venice.

Special congratulations went out to Dr. David Cooper who received the IXA Honorary Award for his outstanding contributions to the field of xenotransplantation.

The next meeting of the IXA will be held jointly with the Cell Transplant Society (CTS) at the Loews Vogue Hotel in Miami, Florida, USA October 23-26, 2011.