After three years, a work group of 15 investigators and a five-member evidence review team have produced the definitive evidence base for our clinical practice of care of the kidney transplant recipient. More than 2,000 articles have been reviewed and the weight of evidence considered to bring you this guideline.

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Bertram Kasiske, Martin Zeier and Jeremy Chapman
on behalf of the KDIGO and The Transplantation Society

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KDIGO guidelines - By chapter

Front Matter [PDF]

Work Group Membership
KDIGO Board Members
Abbreviations and Acronyms
Reference Keys
Guideline Scope and Intended Users

Section I - Introduction: Immunosuppression [PDF]

Chapter 1: Induction Therapy [PDF]
Chapter 2: Initial Maintenance Immunosuppressive Medications [PDF]
Chapter 3: Long-Term Maintenance Immunosuppressive Medications [PDF]
Chapter 4: Strategies to Reduce Drug Costs [PDF]
Chapter 5: Monitoring Immunosuppressive Medications [PDF]
Chapter 6: Treatment of Acute Rejection [PDF]
Chapter 7: Treatment of Chronic Allograft Injury [PDF]

Section II - Introduction: Graft Monitoring and Infections [PDF]

Chapter 8: Monitoring Kidney Allograft Function [PDF]
Chapter 9: Kidney Allograft Biopsy [PDF]
Chapter 10: Recurrent Kidney Disease [PDF]
Chapter 11: Preventing, Detecting, and Treating Nonadherence [PDF]
Chapter 12: Vaccination [PDF]
Chapter 13: Viral Diseases [PDF]
-13.1: BK Polyoma Virus
-13.2: Cytomegalovirus
-13.3: Epstein-Barr Virus and Post-Transplant Lymphoproliferative Disease
-13.4: Herpes Simplex Virus 1, 2 and Varicella Zoster Virus
-13.5: Hepatitis C Virus
-13.6: Hepatitis B Virus
-13.7: Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Chapter 14: Other Infections [PDF]
-14.1: Urinary Tract Infection
-14.2: Pneumocystis Jirovecii Pneumonia
-14.3: Tuberculosis
-14.4: Candida Prophylaxis

Section III - Introduction: Cardiovascular Disease [PDF]

Chapter 15: Diabetes Mellitus [PDF]
-15.1: Screening for New-Onset Diabetes after Transplantation
-15.2: Managing NODAT or Diabetes Present at Transplantation
Chapter 16: Hypertension, Dyslipidemias, Tobacco Use, and Obesity [PDF]
-16.1: Hypertension
-16.2: Dyslipidemias
-16.3: Tobacco Use
-16.4: Obesity
Chapter 17: Cardiovascular Disease Management [PDF]

Section IV - Introduction: Malignancy [PDF]

Chapter 18: Cancer of the Skin and Lip [PDF]
Chapter 19: Non–Skin Malignancies [PDF]
Chapter 20: Managing Cancer with Reduction of Immunosuppressive Medication [PDF]

Section V - Introduction: Other Complications [PDF]

Chapter 21: Transplant Bone Disease [PDF]
Chapter 22: Hematological Complications [PDF]
Chapter 23: Hyperuricemia and Gout [PDF]
Chapter 24: Growth and Development [PDF]
Chapter 25: Sexual Function and Fertility [PDF]
-25.1: Sexual Function
-25.2: Female Fertility
-25.3: Male Fertility
Chapter 26: Lifestyle [PDF]
Chapter 27: Mental Health [PDF]

Appendix: Methods for Guideline Development [PDF]
Biographic and Disclosure Information [PDF]
Acknowledgments [PDF]
References [PDF]