Transplantation Science Committee

The most important mission of the Transplantation Science Committee is the promotion of basic and translational science in all its forms to the transplant community. Some of the most significant advances in our field have stemmed from discoveries made in the laboratory, ranging from new immune modulators, novel preservation methods, an understanding of transplant-specific molecular signatures and patient-specific risk factors.

There is therefore a need for all within the community to support science within their practice. This has always been challenging, but only from these challenges can an impact on patients be made. With increasing clinical loads, life pressures, and a strain on transplant science research, there is a particular impetus to ensure that budding scientists are given the recognition and support to advance. There is also a critical need to retain excellent basic scientists within our field, particularly given the highly competitive nature of basic science research and opportunities to transfer to other – often trendier – fields.

The Mentee-Mentor awards are aimed at doing just that – enabling those more experienced in the field to guide younger scientists and clinician scientists through the challenges of research. In May this year, 13 such awards were presented at the Transplant Science Symposium in Victoria, Canada. These awards highlight some of the highest quality research being performed, and we all look forward eagerly to the mentees’ subsequent publications.

Similarly, the Leslie Brent and Anthony Monaco Awards which are presented to the highest quality science publications made in the journal Transplantation each year highlight studies that have been meticulously performed and have the potential to make a clinical impact in the near future. These papers have often received the highest number of citations and views, demonstrating this likely impact on the field.

Keep an eye out for the announcements in the forthcoming issue of Transplantation – we can guarantee that they will make an impression on your practice.