Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group Update

02 01

Since the Declaration of Istanbul (DoI) on organ trafficking and transplant tourism was developed in 2008, it had profoundly impacted national legislation of many countries and professional codes of practice. To ensure that the DoI remains a valuable source of ethical guidance for health professionals and policy makers for the next decade in the face of persisting and emerging challenges in organ trafficking and transplant tourism around the world, the Declaration of Istanbul Custodian Group (DICG) updated the original DoI. After a global public consultation drive on the proposed Update, comprehensive feedback was received from our DICG members, members of the two parent organizations – TTS and ISN –, members of organizations that have endorsed the Declaration of Istanbul, and members of the broader transplant community.

The final 2018 version of the DoI was presented on the 1st of July 2018 at 10th Anniversary of the Declaration of Istanbul, as part of the Pre-Congress program at the International Congress of The Transplantation Society. You can find more information about the update process and the final text in different languages at:

The updated DOI, simplified, clarified and improved, includes a preamble, 5 definitions (aligned with those provided by the relevant international legally binding texts) and 11 principles. An explanatory commentary is being developed to help interpret the principles and make proposals for its application in practice.

The 2018 version of the DoI represents an opportunity to renew the commitment of the international transplant community to combat unethical practices that violate fundamental principles and rights and becomes a mandatory reference document for transplant professionals. Please share the 2018 version DoI with your transplant colleagues and community.