Outreach Program

Application Deadline: April 30th, 2022

The Outreach Committee is pleased to announce applications for the 2022 Outreach Program are open. The program supports emerging centres that seek to develop or expand/enhance care in existing transplant programs. Usually, an emerging centre will have identified a suitable supporting centre to assist them with this program, however it is possible the Outreach Committee can assist in this process. The application package, guidelines and useful reference documents are available here

Transplant Program Standards Development:
In order to better understand requirements for establishing and supporting successful transplant programs, the IPTA Outreach Committee has developed a set of simple standards that may be used to evaluate transplant program needs. These standards are meant to support the development of best practices in centers seeking support by the IPTA Outreach Program, but may also serve as a reference for programs seeking their own program development.

See the details regarding the Outreach Program guidelines and application process in the documents.



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