Revised WHO Guiding Principles

whoThird Global Consultation organized by the WHO

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On May 21st 2010, the 63rd World Health Assembly (WHA) endorsed the WHO Guiding Principles on Human Cell, Tissue and Organ Transplantation.

The salient aspects of the Revised Guiding Principles are summarized as follows:

  • Cells, tissues and organs may be removed from the bodies of deceased persons for the purpose of transplantation only with consent;
  • Physicians determining that a potential donor has died should not be directly involved in cell, tissue or organ removal from the donor or subsequent transplantation procedures;
  • Donation from deceased persons should be developed to its maximum therapeutic potential;
  • In general, living donors should be genetically, legally or emotionally related to their recipients.
  • Cells, tissues and organs should only be donated freely, without any monetary payment or other reward of monetary value.
  • Advertising the need for or availability of cells, tissues or organs, with a view to offering or seeking payment to individuals for their cells, tissues or organs, or, to the next of kin, where the individual is deceased, should be prohibited.
  • The allocation of organs, cells and tissues should be guided by clinical criteria and ethical norms, not financial or other considerations.
  • Allocation rules, defined by appropriately constituted committees, should be equitable, externally justified, and transparent.
  • High-quality, safe and efficacious procedures are essential for donors and recipients alike.
  • The organization and execution of donation and transplantation activities, as well as their clinical results, must be transparent and open to scrutiny, while ensuring that the personal anonymity and privacy of donors and recipients are always protected


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