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Interview with Marcelo Cantarovich, TTS Vice President on the recent World Transplant Games in Malaga, Spain

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Highlights from this issue

  • FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Utilizing Animal Studies to Evaluate Organ Preservation Devices
  • Washington Post - China used to harvest organs from prisoners. Under pressure, that practice is finally ending.
  • UCLA awarded $8.4 million NIH grant to improve outcomes for liver transplant recipients
  • IXA 2017 Full Program, WebAPP and Abstracts are now available
  • Transplantation Journal - Featured Article
  • Young Members Corner - Becoming a Successful Mentee
  • Selena Gomez received kidney transplant from TV actress Francia Raisa

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Deadline - November 15, 2017


Invitation from TTS President

Nancy Ascher (TTS President) is joined by Carlos Diaz (President - Argentinian Society of Transplantation) and Gabriel Gondolesi (TTS Councilor for Latin America). This video was filmed just prior to the start of STALYC at which TTS exhibited.

Highlights from this issue

  • Calling all students and young professionals to submit an abstract
  • TTS Young Investigator Scientific Awards Awards
  • International Transplantation Science Mentee-Mentor Awards
  • Follow us on Social Media

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Visit our Booth! TTS will be Exhibiting at STALYC from Septmber 3 to 6 in Montevideo, Uruguay.


Visit their website -

TID 2017 will be taking place the day before STALYC

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In this Issue

Spotlight on Advanced Renal TRansplantation Course Graduates

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... Also in this issue

  • Invitation from Invitation from Robert A. Montgomery to the Hypersensitized and ABO Incompatible Patients Symposium at IXA2017
  • In the News

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Calling for new ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Centers

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We are delighted to announce that the next deadline to apply to the ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Center Program is October 1, 2017.

This program is a joint partnership between ISN and TTS to help establish new kidney transplant centers and develop existing kidney transplant programs in developing countries. This initiative fosters partnerships between experienced transplant centers in the developed world (Supporting Centers or SC’s) and emerging new or developing transplant centers (Emerging Centers or EC’s) in the developing world. The Program offers step-wise funding from ISN-TTS to help facilitate vital multidisciplinary training and exchange of knowledge and expertise from the dedicated SC to EC.

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Scientists edit pig genome with goal of human organ transplants

CNN - Using the genome-editing technology CRISPR, scientists deactivated a family of retroviruses within the pig genome overcoming a large hurdle in the path to the transplant of pig organs into humans.


TTS IHQ Note: CRISPR and other exciting advancements will be on display at IXA 2017- visit for more details.

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... Also in this issue

  • Transplantation Featured Article "Initial outcomes of pure laparoscopic living donor right hepatectomy in an experienced adult living donor liver transplant center"
  • Young Members Corner
  • In the News
    Australian scientists could end need for donated livers
    First-ever transplant for acute liver failure in Sri Lanka
    Is that Possible to Trick Body into Accepting Organ Transplants?
    Sequencing Cell-Free DNA Shotgun Sequencing Method Detects Transplant Rejection
    Routine hospital tool found to predict poor outcomes after liver transplantation
    Uganda - Mulago ready for organ transplant but there is no law -Baterana

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KDIGO Announces Publication of the Living Kidney Donor Guideline


(Brussels, Belgium) - Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) announces the publication of the Clinical Practice Guideline on Living Kidney Donation this week in the journal Transplantation. The guideline is based on global science and focuses on the evaluation of potential living kidney donors and the care of donors after donation.

Living kidney donation is an important option for many patients with kidney failure. It does, of course, involve another individual who must make an informed decision about donating. The KDIGO Living Donor Guideline examines the benefits and risks involved in that decision. While it may considerably enhance the quality of life of the recipient, it may also involve risks for the donor. An expert Work Group, co-chaired by Drs. Amit Garg of Canada and Krista Lentine of the US, developed the guideline with assistance from an independent evidence review team from University of Minnesota and Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Center for Chronic Disease Outcomes Research.

This guideline was supported in part by The Transplantation Society. It also includes data analyses and an ESKD Risk Calculator developed by the Chronic Kidney Disease-Prognosis Consortium led by Dr. Josef Coresh of Johns Hopkins. The full text of the guideline and the calculator can be found on the KDIGO website:

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In Memoriam - Johannes Joseph (Jon) van Rood (1926-2017)

We are sad to announce the passing of one of our distinguished Medawar Prize Laureates.


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... Also in this issue

  • Transplantation Featured Article on Gender equity in Transplantation
  • In the News
    Scientists edit disease-causing gene mutation in human embryos / AP Interview: China to lead in organ transplants by 2020 /How a teen’s skin cells, transformed into a beating model of a heart, have spurred research / Scientists build DNA from scratch to alter life’s blueprint / Donor-recipient tissue mismatch analysis may help personalize treatment after transplant / Melanoma Risk Higher in Kidney Transplant Recipients /Impact of kidney injury on non-renal solid organ transplants

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Webinar for YOUR Fellows and Students - OPEN TO MEMBERS AND NON-MEMBERS




Prof Dr Francisco González-Martínez
Nephrologist / Nefrólogo University of Medicine – University of the Republic of Uruguay
Facultad de Medicina - Universidad de la República Montevideo – Uruguay
President of the Society of Latin American and Caribbean Transplantation (STALYC)
Presidente de la Sociedad de Trasplante de América Latina y el Caribe (STALYC)


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