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In an attempt to help you meet your ever-changing educational and informational needs, The Transplantation Society has, for the past few years, increased and diversified both the topics that it brings to your attention, and the methods and media used.

Please help us help you meet your needs by taking a few minutes now to complete a short questionnaire. Our findings will be published in a future issue of the Tribune.

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Sir Roy Calne Honoured

sirroycalnePioneer Sir Roy Calne given lifetime achievement Pride of Britain award for breakthroughs in transplant surgery. Sir Roy will be honoured at the Pride of Britain Awards for his life's work in changing organ transplants from impossible procedures into standard medical practice. Read More

Pope Francis meets with key Members of The Transplantation Society traveling on behalf of the Declaration of Istanbul; including the mayor of Rome


Caption (left to right): Mirela Busic, Mehmet Haberal, Ignazio Marino (Mayor of Rome), Beatriz Dominguez-Gil, Francis Delmonico,  His Holiness Pope Francis

“This is a world-wide problem,” Marino told journalists after the meeting.  “And in recent years it has grown exponentially, because it is a phenomenon which takes advantage of poverty.”

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2014 TTS Award Winners Announced

Mirela Busic (Croatia), Megan Sykes (USA), José Medina Pestana (Brazil) and Richard Allen (Australia) were presented with the 2014 TTS Recognition Awards. TTS Women in Transplantation honored Kathryn J. Wood (UK) and Curie Ahn (Korea)

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