Presidential Address

Peter Cowan

Dear Members,

The TTS Congress held recently in Hong Kong highlighted the progress that is being made in our field, with a plenary on CRISPR/Cas9, State-of-the-Art talks on progress in gene modification, solid organ and islet xenotransplantation, and several oral and poster sessions. Many of the sessions are now available to view on the TTS website, free for TTS members and those who attended the Congress. Several groups around the world are now pushing ahead towards clinical application. While in Hong Kong, I attended a meeting of TTS Council and Section Presidents, at which we discussed the challenges ahead in these times of diminishing support from big pharma. Consensus was reached on a rolling 2-year Services and Support Agreement between TTS and the Sections, which will continue to provide IXA with the administrative and technical support that we require, particularly the invaluable services of Sections Manager, Sondra Livingston. I wish you all a productive year, and look forward to seeing you in Baltimore in 2017.

Peter Cowan
IXA President

Xenotransplantation Journal - New Impact Factor is 3.789

XEN journal 1200

On behalf of the Xenotransplantation journal and its editorial team, we are proud to announce that the new impact factor of the journal is now 3,789, i.e. one point higher than last year. This increase is clearly related to the quality of the submitted papers, and your ongoing contributions to the field. We are confident that the development of xenotransplantation and its clinical application will continue to strengthen the interest for the journal. As IXA members, we would ask you to regularly submit articles to the journal and to encourage others to do so. Among the recent innovations, the journal can now be followed on your smartphone by downloading the app “Xen Journal”. We thank you for your support.

Leo Buhler, MD
Xenotransplantation Editor in chief

IXA and the Federal Drug Administration

We would like to share with you the key points of a discussion that took place between your IXA Council and two FDA representatives in June 2016 in Boston during the American Transplant Congress.

Xenotransplantation research has made significant progress during the last couple of years in a variety of preclinical models, paving the way for xeno-based treatment methods that may soon make their way to the clinic. The IXA Council therefore opened a dialogue with the FDA, offering to make them aware of your scientific progress, and to seek their advice regarding regulatory issues that may arise in the US, and in other jurisdictions, as xenotransplantation moves towards clinical trials. This was only an information-sharing meeting.

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IXA Vanguard Committee

The IXA Vanguard Committee provides a forum for students and junior faculty in the field to interact with future leaders in xenotransplantation and provide opportunities for professional development. Members of the Committee are tasked with representing the junior members of IXA and work to increase the awareness of research trends and techniques that can advance the field of xenotransplantation. The Committee has also created a group Facebook page (find this group by searching “International Xenotransplantation Association (IXA) Vanguard Committee”) and a Twitter account (“IXA Vanguard Cmttee”). The Committee is planning young investigator targeted activities for the upcoming 2017 IXA Congress including a young investigator organized oral session that will be followed by a social event and opportunity to network with peers.


ixa xeno prize

The 2015 Xeno-Prize was judged recently and we are pleased to announce that the winner is Dr. Leela Paris for her paper entitled: “Reduced human platelet uptake by pig livers deficient in the asialoglycoprotein receptor 1 protein”. Congratulations to Dr. Paris and her co-authors for their outstanding work.


Xenotransplantation Research at the University of Maryland Baltimore, USA
The team of Agnes M. Azimzadeh, PhD, and Richard N. Pierson III, MD

Our “Pierson/Azimzadeh Transplant Research Group” is located in the Department of Surgery at the University of Maryland School Of Medicine, which in turn is part of the University of Maryland Baltimore. Our major research focus relates to understanding and preventing mechanisms of graft rejection, with an emphasis on lung and liver xenotransplantation, and on evaluating immunomodulatory agents to induce immune tolerance to transplanted solid organs in translational models. The Maryland team is proud to have the opportunity and privilege to host the next IXA Congress, which will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, September 20-23, 2017.

Xenotransplantation Research at the University of Maryland Baltimore

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