What is the best reason for joining and maintaining membership in the IPITA organization?

Thierry Berney (1 minute)

Raja Kandaswamy, James Markmann(1 minute)

Paul Johnson, Daniel Tremmel (1 minute)

Michiel Nijhoff, Thomas Kay (1 minute)

Giuseppe Orlando(1 minute)

Lorenzo Piemonti (1 minute)

Michael Rickels (1 minute)

Antonio Secchi (1 minute)

Nathan Zammit, Hanne Scholz (1 minute)

Thierry Berney, Nathan Zammit, Paul Johnson (2 minute)

Matthew Cooper (2 minute)

Raja Kandaswamy, Michiel Nijhoff, Hanne Scholz, Daniel Tremmel (2 minute)

Giuseppe Orlando, Lorenzo Piemonti, Thomas Kay (2 minute)

Michael Rickels, Antonio Secchi, James Markmann (2 minute)

Various (10 minute)

Various (5 minute)

Various (5 minute)

Various (12 minute)

When and how did you first come become involved with IPITA?

Aghazadeh, Scholz (1 minute)

Berney (1 minute)

Kay, Martin, Coates (1 minute)

Khambalia, Nijhoff, Odorico (1 minute)

Labriola (1 minute)

Piemonti, Kandaswamy (1 minute)

Berney, Piemonti, Kandaswamy (2 minute)

Cooper, Odorico (2 minute)

Kay, Martin, Coates, Khambalia, Nihjoff, Odorico (2 minute)

Labriola, Chera, Aghazadeh, Scholz (2 minute)

Rickles(2 minute)

Various (5 minutes)

Full Various (10 minutes)

What attracted you to the Society/field of pancreas and islet cell transplant and what keeps you interested?

Gruessner A (1 minute)

Kugelmeier (1 minute)

Orlando (1 minute)

Secchi (1 minute)

Zammit (1 minute)

Kugelmeier, Abadpour, Zammit, Orlando (2 minutes)

Various (5 minutes)

Full Various (8 minutes)

What collaborations have been a direct result of your relationship with IPITA?

Abadpour (1 minute)

Berney (1 minute)

Martin (1 minute)

Odorico, Markmann (1 minute)

Rickels(1 minute)

Scholz(1 minute)

Odorico, Rickels, Berney, Markmann, Scholz(2 minutes)

Various (5 minutes)

Full Various (7 minutes)

Describe the society when you first became associated with it and how have you seen it grow?

Kandaswamy, Coates(1 minute)

Kandaswamy, Piemonti, Coates (2 minutes)

Full Various(3 minutes)

What were/are you looking forward to most about the 2019 IPITA Lyon meeting

France -Berney (1 minute)

San Diego- Johnson (1 minute)

Berney, Zammit, Martin, Johnson (2 minutes)

France- Berney (2 minutes)

Full Various (5 minutes)

What have you witnessed as being the greatest breakthrough in the field of islet/pancreas transplantation?

Full- Kay(1 minute)

How can we best educate patients and endocrinologists about options other than insulin therapy and continuous glucose monitors (CGMs)?

Gruessner R, Kandaswamy, Markmann (1 minute)

Various (2 minutes)

Full Various (2 minutes)

Is there any advice or message you would like to pass on to the next generation of IPITA members?

Raja Kandaswamy (1 minute)

Markmann (1 minute)

Nijhoff, Kay (1 minute)

Raja Kandaswamy (2 minutes)

Kandaswamy, Markmann, Kay (2 minutes)

Full Various (5 minutes)

What does receiving an award from IPITA mean to you?

Gruessner A, Secchi, Tremmel, Gruessner R (1 minute)

Gruessner A, Secchi, Tremmel, Abadpour, Gruessner R (2 minute)

Full Gruessner R, Abadpour, Tremmel, Secchi, Gruessner A (3 minute)

Why is participating in international events and organizations such as IPITA important?

Gruessner A (1 minute)

Gruessner R, Nijhoff (1 minute)

Kay, Markmann (1 minute)

Odorico, Abadpour (1 minute)

Orlando, Rickels (1 minute)

Rajinder Singh (1 minute)

Pablo Uva (1 minute)

Biannual - Johnson, Orlando, Gruessner R, Nijhoff (2 minutes)

International - Singh, Rickels, Uva (2 minutes)

Kandaswamy(1 minute)

Social Kay, Abadpour, Kandaswamy(2 minutes)

Various (10 minutes)

Science - Various (5 minutes)

Social - Various (5 minutes)

Full- Various (14 minutes)



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