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President's Message

Dr. Stephen Beed
Critical Care Organ Donation Program

Dear Colleagues,

I am honored and humbled to serve as the President of ISODP for the 2021-2023 term. As a critical care physician, I have long advocated for establishing the support of organ donation as a critical care priority and hope this society, which has benefitted so greatly from the work of our transplant and ODO partners over the years, continues that work with intensive care physicians taking a more active role. I am committed to engaging with this community and associated professional societies to make ISODP the logical place for donation specialists to focus their efforts.

I recognize that the maturity of donation programs across the world varies. The needs of scientists and well-established organizations to keep pushing the boundaries of science have a place in ISODP, as do those who are just beginning to establish donation programs. The previously sponsored ISODP workshops to help developing programs, a successful symbiosis between mature and developing programs, is an initiative we plan to continue. It is my hope that all feel welcome, the collective talents of our membership are mobilized, and together, patients in need of organ transplantation and the needs of donors are better served through these efforts.

It has been and continues to be a difficult time. Nonetheless, I am optimistic that we will be successful. The ISODP council is in the process of setting up several work groups to focus on priority projects.

Many thanks to our Canadian colleagues who will continue working on the successful Journal Watch initiated by our UK colleagues. An agreement is being discussed to have an ISODP section of Transplant Direct developed, with Gunter Kirste and Maureen Meade agreeing to serve as editors.

Planning for Las Vegas in 2023 continues and in the coming months, we will look to accept bids for 2025.

I look forward to working with the Society, in conjunction with our partners at TTS. Thank you for the privilege of serving

Stephen Beed
ISODP President

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