President's Update

Jon Odorico

You may have caught the Google banner on November 14th, celebrating Fred Banting’s 125th birthday. Banting and Best in Professor Macleod’s lab at the University of Toronto in 1921made the seminal discovery of insulin by first ligating the pancreatic duct to eliminate acinar tissue from the pancreas which was probably inhibiting the isolation of the hormone because the enzymes were digesting it!

November 14th was also World Diabetes Day! If you are like me, you missed this primarily because we spend most of our working lives immersed in trying to care for patients with diabetes in the clinic and/or cure diabetes in the lab.

Finally, Dec 17, 2016 was the 50th anniversary of the first successful pancreas transplantation in humans performed by Walter Kelly and Richard Lillehei in 1966 at the University of Minnesota. So, as our diabetic patients are enjoying holiday treats this season, they can be thankful for the work of these pioneers, many years ago, who forged a new frontier in the treatment of diabetes.

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Scholarship Opportunity – Derek Gray Distinguished Travelling Scholarship Award

Dear Colleagues,

IPITA is once again pleased to offer research fellows the opportunity to apply for the Derek Gray Distinguished Traveling Scholarship Award based upon demonstrated research merit and future potential for both scholarly academic research and a commitment to the training of research scientists in the fields of islet/beta-cell biology with an interest in transplantation approaches to beta-cell replacement therapies. The $10,000 USD scholarship provides financial support to travel to two or more institutions across the world in order to broaden the laboratory-based research experience of the scholar during his/her formative research training. The recipient will also have the opportunity to learn from established laboratory investigators in the fields of islet and pancreas transplantation biology.

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IPITA Webinars

ipita webinars 2017


Speaker: Matthew Cooper


Despite a clear demonstration of the benefits of solid-organ pancreas transplantation for patients with diabetes mellitus, volumes continue to decrease throughout the US. Improvements in quality of life and the ability to abrogate the complications of dysregulated glucose control has now allowed the procedure to be offered to many with Type 2 DM. Indications and patient selection, however, are critical both to individual outcomes and to further advance national support of pancreas transplantation for all. This webinar will share both published data and personal experience on program resources and patient demographics that remain important in the evaluation and transplantation of patients with Type 2 DM.

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