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About the Journal

The official journal of The Transplantation Society, and the International Liver Transplantation Society, Transplantation is published monthly and is the most cited and influential journal in the field, with more than 25 000 citations per year.

For more than 50 years, Transplantation has been the trusted source for extensive and timely coverage of the most important advances in transplantation. The Editors and Editorial Board are an international group of research and clinical leaders that includes many pioneers of the field, representing a diverse range of areas of expertise. This capable editorial team provides thoughtful and thorough peer review, and delivers rapid, careful and insightful editorial evaluation of all manuscripts submitted to the journal.
Transplantation is committed to rapid review and publication. The journal remains competitive and strives to reach a decision within 21 days from submission. Transplantation was the first in the field to offer CME credit to its peer reviewers for reviews completed. Accepted manuscripts are now published online in a preproof format 5 to 10 days after they are transmitted to production.

The journal publishes original research articles in clinical science and basic science. Short reports bring attention to research at the forefront of the field. Other areas covered include cell therapy and islet transplantation, immunobiology and genomics, and xenotransplantation. 

In its In View section, Transplantation presents:

  • Around the World – a global prospective as it summarizes transplant achievements and challenges in particular regions
  • eResources – focuses on digital topics that relate to transplantation and provides links to useful resources online
  • Game Changer – highlights manuscripts of significance in the field of transplantation
  • People in Transplantation – interviews leaders in the field who have made substantial contributions to the advancement of transplantation
  • Research Highlights – summarizes significant findings from two recently published manuscripts in other transplant-related, high-impact journals

Other special features of the journal and journal website include: 

  • TTS members have complimentary access to all journal content as part of their membership
  • Supplements – sponsored issues on thematically related topics of high interest
  • Editors’ Picks – each issue Editors’ Picks highlight articles of interest by featuring their figures on the journal website
  • Present Your Paper – a social media initiative encouraging young authors to present papers that have been published in Transplantation during a 30-second video
  • Collections – Editors’ collections of excellent articles under various topical themes. Click here to subscribe to collections by email or by feed
  • eTOC – Transplantation Table of Contents email subscription service (visit the journal home page to subscribe)
  • Our Online First service gives readers opportunity to read accepted articles before print publication. You may subscribe to Online First alerts by email or by feed
  • Official YouTube Channel – hosts a variety of videos including Present Your Paper videos and interviews with the Editors of the journal
  • Mobile View and the Transplantation iPhone App – access Transplantation on the go using your favorite Internet-enabled device


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About the Journal

Through close association with The Transplantation Society and its International Sections, as well as the journal Transplantation, Transplantation Direct is an open access portal for international transplantation with rapid electronic publication of peer-reviewed, high-quality basic research and clinical studies related to the field of transplantation. The journal provides both scientific innovation and educational material, disseminates vital registry database information and highlights key scientific advances presented at meetings held by global transplantation associations. The inherent flexible capacity of multimedia electronic publishing combined with high standards of peer review set by exceptional leaders within the transplantation community allow for an inclusive, comprehensive, and yet rigorous approach to presenting significant developments in transplantation.

Types of Articles to be Published:

  • High-quality original basic or clinical science articles
  • Brief preliminary reports on high impact experimental or clinical findings
  • Clinical trial protocols of special high interest
  • New methodologies and technical papers
  • Articles proposing novel, as yet untested, hypotheses
  • Publication of articles stemming from current research affiliated with TTS-associated societies
  • Publication of registry reports
  • Commentaries
  • Case Study Reports

We publish articles in the following areas of research. Manuscripts covering topics outside of this area may be considered.

  • Face and limb transplantation
  • Corneal, heart, lung, kidney, liver, pancreas, islet, stem cell and bone marrow transplantation
  • Retransplantation
  • Xenotransplantation
  • Transplantation immunology
  • Experimental transplantation
  • Tissue injury and repair
  • Organ procurement and preservation
  • Barriers to transplantation
  • Living donors and paired exchange
  • Histocompatibility
  • Tolerance
  • Qualitative studies of quality of life, ethical, religious, financial and social issues surrounding transplantation and the donation process
  • Pharmacology and immunosuppression

About Open Access Publication

Transplantation Direct is an open access journal offering these features:

  • Authors retain copyright of their articles
  • Content is only published online (no print option)
  • Rapid review and publication times
  • No subscription fees; articles are free and "open access" to any viewer
  • Primary revenue comes from article processing charges fees paid either by individual authors, or authors' institutions/grant funding bodies

To provide open access to Transplantation Direct content, the journal charges publication fees to the authors or other research sponsors/funding agencies for each article they publish. These fees cover numerous expenses incurred by publication, including the peer review process, journal production and publication, and hosting and archiving fees.

Article publication fees are charged after peer review and acceptance but prior to publication. All decisions to accept manuscripts are based solely on editorial criteria. Receipt of publication fees must be received by the publisher before an article is published. All fees and financial transactions related to article publication are conducted by the publisher, Wolters Kluwer.