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Low Transplant Rates in Asian Countries

205.1 - Low Transplant Rates in Asian Countries - A Social, Cultural and Religious Perspective

Presenter: S. A. Anwar, Naqvi, Karachi, Pakistan
Authors: S. A. Anwar Naqv


The transplantation rate of Asia has continued to keep low although the GDP per capita as well as status of health services is reasonable to support deceased donor programmes. A host of social, cultural and religious factors impact on transplantation activity in this continent of almost 2/3 of the world's population. End of life issues generate negative response towards brain death and transplantation. Perception of body integrity as mutilation as well as removal of organs tantamount to breaking God's trust are some of factors. Robust awareness campaigns in the public and full involvement of the Government in promoting  life saving services in the region are some of the important steps.Some successes in few Asian countries will also be discussed.

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