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2011 - ISBTS 2011 Symposium (Washington, DC, USA)

Oral Communications 10: Immune & Infectious Monitoring
17 September 2011  /  10:30 - 12:00

Immunopathological and endoscopic features in a model of multivisceral xenotransplantation

Presenter: Flavio Galvao, SAO PAULO, Brazil

Stool calprotectin in intestinal graft dysfunction: preliminary results in a new Italian transplant centre

Presenter: Manila Candusso, Roma, Italy

Effects of immunosuppressive therapy after experimental small bowel transplantation in rats

Presenter: Martin von Websky, Bonn, Germany

Oral Communications 9: Psychosocial Outcomes & Quality of Life
17 September 2011  /  10:30 - 12:00

Male and female fertility after intestinal transplantation

Presenter: Juan Francisco Guerra, Washington, United States

Towards establishing a treatment and palliative care approach in order to provide holistic individualised advance management plans for children with intestinal failure

Presenter: Girish Gupte, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Quality of life in children on long-term home parenteral nutrition, and after small bowel transplantation

Presenter: Florence Lacaille, Paris, France

The prevalence of psychiatric disorders in small bowel and multivisceral transplant candidates

Presenter: Kareem Abu-Elmagd, , United States

Quality of life before and after intestinal transplantation

Presenter: Charlotte Pither, Cambridge, United Kingdom

DRIFT: the Dutch online registry of intestinal failure and intestinal transplantation

Presenter: Anne Margot Roskott, Groningen, Netherlands, Netherlands

Post-transplant critical care outcomes for pediatric intestinal transplant patients

Presenter: Mara Nitu, Indianapolis, United States

Plenary Session III: Intestinal Immunity + Oral Communications 11
17 September 2011  /  13:00 - 14:30

NOD2 mutant CX3CR1 dendritic cells appear to regulate chronic inflammation and rejection in the transplanted human intestine

Presenter: Thomas M. Fishbein, washington, United States

A positive NOD2 mutation as a risk factor for the development of short bowel syndrome: data from the Tübingen short bowel syndrome cohort

Presenter: Holger Schaeffler, Tuebingen, Germany

Aberrant immune phenotypes in pediatric short bowel syndrome patients

Presenter: Matthew Wheeler, Omaha, United States

Post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders: Incidence, clinical features and outcome in a paediatric series

Presenter: Esther Ramos, Madrid, Spain

Oral Communications 12: Sensitization
17 September 2011  /  15:00 - 16:30

Effect of human leukocyte antigen (HLA) mismatch on long term outcome of intestinal transplantation

Presenter: Chirag Desai, Tucson, United States

C1q-fixing antibodies in highly sensitised patients waiting for a small bowel transplant without the liver. The Oxford experience

Presenter: Anil Vaidya, Oxford, United Kingdom

Is there a role of HLA antibodies in early onset of acute rejection after pediatric intestinal and multivisceral transplantation?

Presenter: Sara Gozzini, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Clinical relevance of HLA-antibodies after intestinal transplantation

Presenter: Undine Gerlach, Berlin, Germany

The liver, spleen, and preformed antibodies are important predictors of survival after intestinal transplantation (ITx): analysis of a single-center, 20 year experience

Presenter: Douglas G. Farmer, Los Angeles, United States

The impact of positive PRAs, DSAs, and crossmatches on rejection, graft loss, and patient death after intestinal transplantation

Presenter: Laura Wozniak, Los Angeles, United States



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