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2012 - TTS International Congress (Berlin)

Immunosuppression - Immunosuppression - What's to Come?
16 July 2012  /  07:00 - 08:15

Induction Therapy - What, How, When or Not at All?

Presenter: Lionel Rostaing, ,

Immunosuppressants in the Pipeline

Presenter: Flavio Vincenti, ,

Tolerance Induction Trials - Current Status

Presenter: Hans-Dieter Volk, ,

Transplantation is Coming of Age
16 July 2012  /  08:30 - 10:00

Long-Term Results of Solid Organ Transplantation

Presenter: Richard B. Jr. Freemann, ,

Ageing with a Transplant

Presenter: Bertram Kasiske, ,

Organ Scarcity: How Can We Meet Increasing Demands?

Presenter: Peter Friend, ,

Infectious Diseases - Viral Infection: CMV and BK Virus
16 July 2012  /  10:30 - 12:00

Combined Analysis of Multiple Inhibitory T Cell Receptors on Cytomegalovirus Specific CD4 T Cells Allows Identification of Patients at Risk for Viral Reactivation after Transplantation

Presenter: Jan Dirks, ,

Everolimus Treated Renal Transplant Patients Develop a More Robust CMV-Specific CD8 Response Compared to Cyclosporine or Mycophenolate Sodium Treated Patients

Presenter: Simone Havenith, ,

Ganciclovir Prophylaxis Modifies Long-Term Murine Cytomegalovirus Induced Renal Allograft Injury

Presenter: Masako Shimamura, ,

Pre-Transplant Myeloid Dendritic Cell Deficiency Associated with Cytomegalovirus Infection and Death after Kidney Transplantation

Presenter: Karl Womer, ,

BK Viremia Is Independently Associated with HLA-Mismatches and Acute Rejection Episodes, but not with Type of Immunosuppression

Presenter: Thomas Fehr, ,

BK Virus-Specific Immune Responses Are Age-Dependent and Strongly Correlate with Phases of Virus Replication

Presenter: Claudia Adam, ,

Retransplantation after Kidney Graft Loss Due to BK Nephropathy: A Single Center Experience

Presenter: Nicole Theodoropoulos, ,

Measurement of Interferon-Gamma Induced Protein 10 in Serum: A Risk Assessment Approach for BKV-Associated Nephropathy

Presenter: Thomas Schachtner, ,

Liver - Liver: Hepatitis C
16 July 2012  /  10:30 - 12:00

Result of Everolimus Treatment on Fibrosis Progression in Maintenance Liver Transplant Patients with Recurrent Hepatitis C

Presenter: Federico Villamil, ,

High MFI Preformed Class I and De Novo Class II Donor Specific Antibodies Accelerate Fibrosis Progression after Liver Transplant in HCV-Infected Patients

Presenter: Jacqueline O'Leary, ,

Genetic Variants of STAT-4 Affect the Development of Graft Fibrosis after Liver Transplantation for HCV-Induced Liver Disease

Presenter: Dennis Eurich, ,

Performance of HCV-Core Antigen Testing in Liver Transplanted Patients

Presenter: Benjamin Heidrich, ,

Use of Maastricht Type II Non-Heart-Beating-Donors (NHBD) Versus Brain-Dead Donors in Recipients with HCV-Cirrhosis

Presenter: Iago Justo, ,

Impact of Everolimus-Based Immunosuppression on Efficacy, Safety and Progression of Fibrosis in Hepatitis C Virus Positive De Novo Liver Transplant Recipients: 12 Months Results from H2304 Study

Presenter: S Beckebaum, ,



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