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2017 - CIRTA (New York)

1- Rejection of the Intestine Allograft
29 June 2017  /  10:00 - 12:00

Immunologic Consequences are Associated with Increased Mortality in Multivisceral/ Intestinal Re-transplantation

Presenter: Shekhar Kubal, Indianapolis, United States

Best Abstract Session
01 July 2017  /  09:00 - 10:45

Villin-1 is a novel serological biomarker for intestinal ischemia and reperfusion injury in rats and humans

Presenter: Laurens Ceulemans, Leuven, Belgium

Mixed Chimerism in Peripheral Blood and Allograft after Human Intestinal Transplantation and its Relationship with Clinical Outcomes

Presenter: Jianing Fu, New York, United States

Depletion resistant effector memory T cells mediate Thymoglobulin refractory allograft rejection in human intestinal transplant recipients

Presenter: Oswaldo Aguirre, District of Columbia, United States

Role of Magnetic Resonance Venography (MRV) for the Assessment of Central Venous Access in Pediatric Intestinal Failure

Presenter: Jennifer Garcia, Miami, United States

Myeloid-derived suppressor cells accumulate in intestinal transplant patients and suppress anti-donor T-cell responses to donor epithelial stem cells

Presenter: Shinji Okano, Cleveland, United States

5- Outcomes after Intestinal Transplantation
30 June 2017  /  10:00 - 12:00

Predictors of long term survival in visceral transplant recipients: a single center experience

Presenter: Ahmed Elsabbagh, Wash, United States

Predictors and Trends Following Intestinal Transplantation: A single-center’s twenty-five year outcomes

Presenter: Robert Venick, Los Angeles, United States

Impact of Intestinal Motility, Mucosal Inflammation and Fecal Microflora on Transplant Intestine Function

Presenter: Shekhar Kubal, Indianapolis, United States

Renal Outcomes Following Intestinal Transplantation

Presenter: Hiroshi Sogawa, Valhalla, United States

Post transplant lymphoproliferative disorders and intestinal transplant in children - single center experience

Presenter: Yung Ching Ming, Taoyuan City , Taiwan

Graft Versus Host Disease Following Intestine Transplantation: An old problem revisited

Presenter: Jason Hawksworth, Washington DC, United States

Post-intestine transplant graft-versus-host disease associated with high mortality risk

Presenter: Jared Clouse, Indianapolis, United States

Sarcopenia and osteopenia in the multivisceral transplant patient.

Presenter: James Tanner, Cambridge, United Kingdom

Sarcopenia in children with intestinal transplantation

Presenter: Robert Hegarty, London, United Kingdom

Nutritional autonomy, cognition and physical growth outcomes in long-term pediatric visceral transplant survivors

Presenter: Ahmed Elsabbagh, Wash, United States

2- Nutrition Management and Total Parenteral Nutrition
29 June 2017  /  10:00 - 12:00

Beneficial effects of enteral fat supplementation on essential fatty acid profiles of pediatric patients with intestinal failure

Presenter: Sivan Kinberg, Bronx, United States

Long Term Home Parenteral Nutrition Versus Intestinal Transplantation: evolution

Presenter: Catherine Poisson, Paris, France

Changes in aetiology of type 3 intestinal failure over 36 years: a single centre experience

Presenter: Simon Gabe, Harrow, United Kingdom

To avoid chronic intestinal failure: The one-year experience of the first French Intestinal Stroke Center

Presenter: Olivier Corcos, Clichy, France



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