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2017 - CIRTA (New York)

2- Nutrition Management and Total Parenteral Nutrition
29 June 2017  /  10:00 - 12:00

Body composition of children attending an Intestinal Rehabilitation and Transplantation Centre

Presenter: Kate Tavener, London, United Kingdom

Computed tomography measures of nutrition deficits in adult and pediatricpatients with intestine failure

Presenter: Weston Bush, Indianapolis, United States

Do patients who receive medium chain trigyceride enteral tube feeds post intestinal/liver and intestinal transplant demonstrate better weight gain and growth than those changed to a standard tube feed?

Presenter: Laura Johnson, Birmingham, United Kingdom

21st century malnutrition: When bariatric surgery precipitates decompensated liver disease and intestinal failure

Presenter: Brooke Chapman, Heidelberg, Australia

A clinical audit of growth and clinical outcome in very low birthweight babies at the Auckland City Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit before and after the introduction of SMOFlipid

Presenter: Helen Evans, Auckland, New Zealand

Home parenteral nutrition in France: a national survey

Presenter: Olivier Goulet, Paris, France

Development of the New Zealand National Intestinal Failure Service (NZ-NIFS) – navigating unique challenges

Presenter: Helen Evans, Auckland, New Zealand

6- Medical and Surgical Rehabilitation
30 June 2017  /  10:00 - 12:00

Wide variation in organization and clinical practice between paediatric intestinal failure teams: a European survey

Presenter: Esther Neelis, The Netherlands, Netherlands

Serial transverse enteroplasty procedure in the new era of gut rehabilitation

Presenter: Masato Fujiki, Cleveland, United States

Multidisciplinary Non-Transplant Management of Confluent Porto-Mesenteric Thrombosis

Presenter: Alyssa Paloian, New York, United States

Gut Failure and Surgical Ingenuity: Over Five Hundred Open Restorative Procedures at a Single Center

Presenter: Guilherme Costa, Bratenahl, United States

Multiple central venous catheter-related vein thrombosis (CVC-VT) is not an indication for a straight listing for a life-saving intestinal transplantation (ITx) in adults

Presenter: Loris Pironi, Bologna, Italy

Real-World Single Center Experience with Teduglutide in Adult Short Bowel Syndrome Associated Intestinal Failure

Presenter: Kwai Lam, New York, United States

Intestinal Tapering Surgery Decreases Bloodstream Infections and Improves Markers of Liver Function, Mucosal Inflammation, and Cholesterol Metabolism in Pediatric Short Bowel Syndrome

Presenter: Maria Hukkinen, Helsinki, Finland

Surgical and medical approach of patients requiring total small bowel resection. Managing the “no gut syndrome”

Presenter: Ruy Cruz, Pittsburgh, United States

Small Bowel Dilatation in Pediatric Short Bowel Syndrome Associates with Mucosal Damage, Bowel-Derived Bloodstream Infections, and Liver Injury

Presenter: Maria Hukkinen, Helsinki, Finland

Autologous gastrointestinal reconstruction (AGR) for patients with enterocutaneous fistula - associated intestinal failure.

Presenter: Ruy Cruz, Pittsburgh, United States

A Multidisciplinary Approach in Caring for the Intestinal Rehab/Transplant Patient: Case Study
28 June 2017  /  11:00 - 12:30

The Developmental Perspective

Presenter: Judy Hopkins, Los Angeles, United States

Presentation of Case Study

Presenter: Beverly Kosmach-Park, Allison Park, United States

Helping the Family Cope/Adapt to Stressors

Presenter: Allyson Lipp, Miami Beach, United States



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