ISODP Update - Congress Report

isodp The 10th ISODP Congress was held from October 4 to 7, 2009 in conjunction with the 16th Conference of the ETCO. More than 750 people convened in Berlin and enjoyed high level scientific presentations and discussions specifically dedicated toward problems in organ donation and how to overcome scarcity of organs. During the Congress different aspects from discussions about the European Initiatives on the organ directive were discussed as well as legal aspects and others.

A broad part was dedicated to the field of ethical and religious aspects as well as family care after organ donation. One of the highlights of the meeting certainly was the session on organ donation and the media. This session focused on the discussion how to deal with the media and in particular with bad news in media and why transplantation still is one of the top issues of public interest. The Congress of the ISODP was held in conjunction with the celebration of the European Day and World Day of Organ Donation. Both were celebrated in front of the Brandenburg Gate with a great event and very well-known music bands from Germany, statements from politicians as well as VIPs from around the world. Patients talked about their specific situation as relatives of an organ donor or as recipients. More than 250 000 donor cards were distributed. This was certainly the biggest public event dedicated to increase organ donation so far ever around the world.

During the ISODP Congress, Günter Kirste, MD, Director of the German Procurement Organization DSO was elected as President of the ISODP for the upcoming two years and Anwar Naqvi, MD, from Pakistan as the Vice President of the Society. The Society is in the process of a strategic planning of their activities for the upcoming years in close collaboration with Jeremy Chapman (TTS President) and Francis Delmonico (TTS Director Medical Affairs).

ISODP 2009 TTS-Astellas Travel Grant recipients