TTS to Focus upon Deceased Donation

The Transplantation Society intends to devote its efforts towards developing deceased organ donation throughout the world. In those countries in which programs of deceased donation already exist, the goal of TTS is to enhance those efforts. In those countries in which deceased donation does not exist, a blueprint for the development of a program for deceased organ donation is being undertaken in collaboration with the World Health Organization.

A critical pathway has been developed that presents an algorithm of progression from a possible deceased donor to a utilized organ donor. A utilized donor is a deceased individual from whom an organ was recovered and transplanted. A patient hospitalized with a devastating brain injury enters the critical pathway when a clinical decision has been made that further treatment would be futile. The pathway displays an organ donation process that can evolve following either death determined by neurologic criteria or death following an irreversible absence of cardio-respiratory function.

Each country has a responsibility to assess the transplantation needs of its own people. Deceased organ donation becomes central to fulfilling that objective.

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