International Society For Organ Donation and Procurement Update


ISODP and members of TTS are very much looking forward to the 2011 Organ Donation Congress that will be held in Buenos Aires on November 27th-30th, 2011. This congress will be under the chairmanship of Dr. Carlos Soratti who has done tremendous work together with his co-workers in putting together a very nice program covering a lot of aspects of organ donation and procurement. It will give participants ample time for discussion and will allow a lively exchange of news and experience. All of you are invited to take part and I would like to encourage you to look at the congress website:

ISODP’s 2012 scholarship for the education of people involved in organ donation has been announced. The program is geared towards those who already have some experience in organ donation and procurement but want to increase their knowledge in bench-marking with top world institutions. This year’s program has been made possible with the help of Astellas Pharma Inc. and is restricted to applicants outside North America. Please apply through the ISODP website. We have meanwhile received the reports of participants from last year’s scholarship program. Everyone was extremely enthusiastic about the content of the program and the education they received.

Together with TTS, ESOT and ETCO, the ISODP was involved in the South Eastern Europe Initiative in Deceased Donation.

Once again, I encourage you to take part in the activities of the society, become a member and join us in Buenos Aires for our 2011 conference.

Prof. Dr. Günter Kirste, President of ISODP