Cell Transplant Society Report - 20th Anniversary


On this 20th anniversary of the Cell Transplant Society (CTS), it is time to reflect on how we started, where we are now and where we are going. The CTS began with a membership primarily focused on pancreas and islet research, in the image of CTS creator Camillo Ricordi. Soon, however, members expanded to two lines of study—both pancreas and liver. It must be remembered that the first clinical hepatocyte transplants were not conducted until after the society was established, so initially hepatocyte work was a minor component of the membership’s research. Over the intervening years, the interests of membership began to diversify, with dominant roles in the society leadership and meeting activity remaining centered around liver and pancreas/islet research, but with significantly more input from members with interests that included cardiovascular, muscle, bone and cartilage, neuroscience, and stem cell—ranging from bone marrow to pluripotent stem cells. This year, during our 20th anniversary, the diversity of society interests were prominently displayed by poster and oral presentations at the joint CTS-IXA meeting in Miami on October 23-26, 2011. There is strength in this diversity, and the opportunity for cross-fertilization of ideas and technology from vastly different directions has never been greater. Mark your calendars — CTS 2013 will be held in Milan, Italy.