ISODP 2011 Congress Update


On November 26-29, 2011, the International Society for Organ Donation and Procurement (ISODP) held its 11th Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There were a number of highly qualified presentations with state-of-the-art lectures and of course, much opportunity for discussion among conference participants. The highlights of the conference were aspects of safety in organ donation concerning infectious diseases and malignancies. There were also a number of presentations about the issue of donor detection in DCDs and DB, and new aspects of living donation were also discussed. Additionally, an overview of the current situation of organ donation, especially in South America and other countries, was the benchmark discussion among participants and experts.

The ISODP has gone through a process of revising and finalizing its bylaws, including a new voting procedure that will be explained to its members. The current board is very much looking forward to the nomination of people working in the field who are willing to engage themselves in the ISODP.

The ISODP is pleased to announce the 2011 Transplant Coordinator Scholarship Program, a joint project of The Transplantation Society and the ISODP, made possible once again by the generous support of Astellas Pharmaceuticals. The program is open to all who are working in the field of organ donation outside of North America, and provides funds for a quality education in an experienced country. Details of the application can be found on our website: The scholarship program was a great success two years ago, and has led to numerous activities in the recipients’ home countries. Our board is looking forward to receiving this next round of applications. I hope to see you all in Buenos Aires.