The IHCTAS has been privileged to benefit from the work of professionals dedicated to the advancement of vascularized composite allotransplantation (VCA) (a.k.a. composite tissue allotransplantation or CTA) through their service as Board or Council Members. It is that time again to pass the torch. We are grateful to the services of Past-President Maria Siemionow, Secretary Frederic Schuind, and Council Member Warren Breidenbach for what they accomplished. We welcome President Pedro Cavadas, Vice-President Palmina Petruzzo, Secretary Linda Cendales, Treasurer Jean-Michel Dubernard, Council Members Jerzy Jablecki, Stefan Schneeberger, Christina Kauffman, and Bohdan Pomahac, and International Registry on Hand and Composite Tissue Transplantation (IRHCTT) Delegate Marco Lanzetta.

The field continues in its growth period. Currently, 96 patients worldwide who have received a vascularized composite allograft have been reported to the IRHCTT (www.handregistry.com). Among them, 30 received a unilateral hand, 21 received bilateral hands, 2 received single digits, 6 received knees, 3 received femoral diaphysis, 1 received a uterus, 1 received a lower limb, 16 received larynx, 9 received simultaneous intestine and abdominal walls, and 7 received faces.

In other news, over the next year we will be working on enlarging the Society’s membership and re-designing the IHCTAS website. We look forward to expanding the visibility of the Society internationally, to better serve the scientific growth of VCA.

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