Past Medawar Prize Recipient Leslie Baruch Brent Was Honored During the 2012 Berlin Congress

tts ns 2012v9i3 3-3It was only fitting for TTS to pay special homage to Leslie Baruch Brent in Berlin–the city that marks his escape from the Holocaust at the young age of 13. Prof. Brent is a Past TTS President and Medawar Prize Recipient. During his acceptance speech, Prof. Brent remarked at how proud Peter Medawar and Rupert Billingham would be, knowing that tolerance remains a very much discussed topic and that the “Holy Grail” of induction of tolerance in solid organ recipients appears on the horizon. He also thanked Ray Owen, the grandfather of tolerance and presented Prof. Opelz with the plates from his original PhD thesis for the TTS historical library. To learn more about Prof. Brent, pick up a copy of his autobiography entitled Sunday’s Child.

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